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It is a parent's responsibility to take care of their children and mold them to becoming better people. However, with the changes in our economy, parents get second jobs just to make ends meet. We know how stressful it is to do everything and to look after your child's welfare. Let Playmates Pre-School & Day Care take care of your child while you're on the job. With us, we just don't look after your children, we make sure they learn and have fun too. So start them the right way! Come and visit us today and we can work together for your children's future.

To learn about our early childhood education experience, request more information from us at (855) 255-1266 in Fort Myers, Florida.

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(855) 255-1266

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Monday to Friday - 6:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday to Sunday - Closed

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11610 S. Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33907

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