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Enroll your child in the day care center and pre-school education facility of Playmates Pre-School and Daycare in Fort Myers, Florida, and take advantage of their expertise in childhood development.

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Infants: Birth-12 months
During an infant's first year they will develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Our professional staff will encourage their individual development in a nurturing environment. Each child will have a report to take home that tracks their day. This will help smooth the transition from school to home. Your baby’s health, safety, and education is our priority.

Toddler 1: 12-24 months
The one year old classroom is set up into early learning centers. Our one year olds are encouraged to explore and learn through hands-on activity. The daily activities of our one year olds are derived from "The Creative Curriculum" with goals and objectives to meet each child's individual needs. A daily report will be sent home to keep the parents informed of their child's day. Open parent teacher communication is key at this age.

Infant and Toddlers

Toddlers and Pre-School Children

Toddler 2: 24-36 months
The toddlers in our program are showing greater independence at this age. A two year old will explore through their senses and will be encouraged to do so in an environment filled with music, texture, color and print. Experiences will be offered indoors and outdoors throughout the day that will encourage small and large motor skill development. Our professional staff will offer developmentally appropriate activities to encourage each milestone your child will achieve.

Pre-School: 3-4 year olds
The pre-schoolers at Playmates are making developmental strides and are expressing an interest in the world around them. They are eager to learn. They learn by experiencing and doing. In the pre-school classroom the children get a balance of structured learning centers and time to learn through their own self-initiated discovery.

We encourage independent thinking, curiosity, exploration and discovery through developmentally appropriate curriculum, materials, and methods. It is through movement and discovery, rather than a mobile state, that children grasp and learn about the world around them. Our professional staff is here to nurture, guide, and teach each student and meet their individual needs.

VPK Program:
Our VPK program is designed to nurture the whole child through hands on learning environment. The VPK children learn through fun activities that promote confidence, hard work, responsibility, respect for others and the environment, cooperation, negotiation, self control, conflict resolution and empathy. We believe character development and social awareness play a key role in developing a balanced and productive child.

Our program uses a professional VPK approved curriculum by Saxon Publishers. The program is research based. Max the Bear, and other components to implement the program. The Saxon Curriculum was designed by two kindergarten teachers who developed goals and objectives that will give the vpk child the foundation they need to be prepared for kindergarten.

During the year we use the vpk assessment tool to track the children's progress and keep the parents up to date on their achievements. Our vpk schedule integrates teacher directed activities and self initiated play. During centers the children learn through science, math, language arts, water play, blocks, dramatic play, manipulative, library, and computers. Self created experiences are a fundamental way to learn about self and the world. Our year is filled with fun experiences and parent involvement. We have a Halloween party, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas program, and Graduation with cap and gown.

Children Drawing Children Making Art Cleaning Out Pumpkin

Remember learning is a journey not a race, and we believe "Their foundation Begins Here"

We know how difficult is as a parent to juggle different jobs and make ends meet. That is why we make sure that we give your child the right combination of learning and fun experience with any programs you choose from.

Your children are our priority! Contact us now!

Meet our Staff!

Our Director

Tracy Kinter is the director at Playmates Pre-School & Day Care. My parents bought the center 26 years ago when I was pregnant with their first granddaughter. Now I have two daughters, two granddaughters,and three grandsons. We are very family oriented here. We understand that your children are your prized possessions.

Tracey Kinter

I have worked in every class room which has given me the knowledge and experience to help over see our facility.

At Playmates Pre-School, we believe in providing an excellent and engaging early childhood education experience. Our flexible curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all children in the classroom. Our program is child-Centered and helps provide the foundation on which all later learning will be built. The best way to understand our program is to visit and see it in action! We look forward to showing you around our facility and starting what may be a long term relationship with you and your family. We strongly believe that the family and teachers must form a close alliance for the benefit of each child in the school. Please give us a call with any questions and come see us!

Our Staff

Playmates Pre-School and Day Care in Fort Myers, FL is filled with compassionate staff trained in early childhood education. All teachers have CPR and First Aid training. Our staff is attentive to your child's needs, treating them with utmost care and protection. Their day is filled with excitement, songs, stories, learning, and fun!

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